Embodiment coaching voor mensen die ales uit het leven willen halen


To be seen, to be recognized is an important condition for happiness in a person's life! You are already priceless, just the way you are! However, we don't always feel that way. Thoughts we have often keep us from doing what we want to do. This can go on for years until... you realize it can really be different.

Do you feel seen? Do you see yourself? Can you accept yourself, just the way you are?

These are questions that go into the deeper layers of you. That which allows you to be yourself and live authentically. You have the choice! Choose how you want to live your life. You can take control. Consciousness is required before you can choose.

Be aware of the habits that you have formed in your life. Awareness of your habits makes you able to choose different actions which also suit you.

Nothing is right and nothing is wrong!

Look for your own wisdom. Learn by feeling!

Listen to the whisper of your body.

Voel dat je leeft in elke vezel van je lijf!

Anna vertelt over de inspiratiesessie: